Sunday, 7 September 2008

Labour Success at the Angel Canal Festival

St Peters Labour Councillors received tremendous support at the Islington Canal festival this year. (Pictured right are local resident Chris Kenyon, Labour Leader Catherine West, myself, and Emily Thornberry MP). Hundreds of people stopped by to sign our petition to save the tree on Rheidol Green, which the Lib-Dem-run Council has agreed to chop down because they say it is in the way of rebuilding the Packington Estate. (See my separate blog on the Packington and the tree).

Many supporters expressed their thanks to Cllr Shelley Coupland for the fantastic work she is doing helping people with housing problems, and to Cllr Gary Doolan for his work in securing Estate Improvements throughout the Ward. A lot of people also took the trouble to tell us that our Local Labour MP Emily Thornberry is doing a superb job, following in the footsteps of her predecessor, Chris Smith.

The event was an excellent fun day out, with everything from a display of live birds of prey, through a portable kids climbing wall, to traditional hot dogs, a 'ring the bell' strength test, and a hilarious 'angel' on wheels, who was zooming about the festival, accompanied by loud heavenly music, blessing everyone. More's the pity that our friends in the Lib Dems had such a dismal stall, littered with negative slogans about their opponents (us and Boris), and nothing good to say about themselves.

Its good to see the Canal Festival going from strength-to-strength, and also Islington Boat Club and the Canal Boat Trust standing smiling in the middle of it all. Roll on next year, and perhaps we will have our good weather back.