Sunday, 15 March 2009

Dog Control Orders - Latest!

The Council's new toothless, meaningless and inadequate Dog Control Orders have resulted only in an increase in little signs everwhere. The signs mislead the public into thinking that dogs have to be kept on a lead. Until you read the small writing, which says "if asked by an authorised person". I don't think anyone has seen one of these authorised persons. And there is an increasing number of complaints about dog mess everywhere, as bad as, or worse than before, and of parks being over-run by dogs, where previously dog-owners and non-dog-owners used to inhabit the Borough's parks peacefully side-by-side.

I received a copy of an email from a constituent recently, sent to Cllr Ruth Polling, the Executive Member responsible for the introduction of these orders, asking her for an update on the success of these orders. I can do no better than quote you the email:

"Dear Cllr Polling,

I would be interested to find out from you the following:

The number of fines (under the Dog Control Orders) that have been issued and for what offences.

How many dog wardens there are and what is the remit.

Do they also have the remit for 'stray dogs?'

What hours the wardens work."

Now come on Cllr Polling, lets hear some answers to these questions.

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