Sunday, 17 January 2010

Labour leading as campaign steps up

Labour activists throughout Islington are upbeat as campaigning efforts step up ahead of the local elections. Canvassing teams are busy all round the Borough, and contact on the doorstep is showing strong support for Labour, for our approach to making Islington a fairer place for everyone to live, and in particular for our policy on free school meals for all primary school children.

Voters are pleased to see Labour out in force, and are fed up with the ineffectual and indecisive Lib Dems', who run the borough as if the only thing that matters is statistics. The "fastest improving borough" means nothing to people who are still living on overcrowded estates, who can't get their bins emptied, and can't even get the Council to put a new lightbulb in the streetlamp outside their home.

This picture shows one of our St Peters teams, who were out on the Popham Estate this weekend. From left to right, activists Henry, Jack, Felix and Kate, with myself and Cllr Catherine West, Leader of the Labour Group. Lots of fresh air, and the scent of a wind of change.

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